The Joy of More Power 2018-01-04

x5 g

In the age of the smartphone, we have become tethered to our phones; they control every aspect of our lives. We willingly adapt our lifestyle to run off the schedule of our smartphone's battery .

Back when cell phones were just portable telephones, battery life lasted for days; it was impossible to drain the battery dry in one day, no matter how hard you tried. As cell phones evolved into app-driven smartphones, battery life devolved - battery life decreased exponentially and it became a constant challenge to keep our smartphone alive from sunrise to sunset.

Comes to Henzin X5 Power Bank, with the ultra compact design, you can easily put it into any bag or even your jeans pocket. This portable power bank therefore is suitable for wide range of occasions including outdoor activites, night out and travelling etc.

X5 B

The protection stops malfunctioning problems, such as overcharge, overdischarge, overheating and short circuit. Your worry-free use and the long lifespan of both your devices and the powerbank is guaranteed due to the intelligent protection. Once any problem accidentically occurs, Henzin X5 will automatically shut down for safety protection.

Henzin X5 has 6000mAh and can charge iPhone 6s for 2.5 times or Galaxy S7 for 1.9 times or iPad mini for 1.1 times. Get freedom from your wall for over a week.

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