Remote Control Speaker Give You Maximum Freedom 2018-01-10


Want to fit a lot of sound into yout room? Henzin S3wireless remote control speaker is ready to meet your need. It's small enough to fit just about anywhere, with full, rich sound that belies its size. With instant, easy access to your music, it's the perfect companion to fit any occasion. And it couldn't be easier to use. Just stream a world of music in your leisure time even working time.


Move on to feel the difference of Henzin S33:

  • Fabulous Remote Control

    Features with remote controler, you are able to control your Henzin S33 even it is not around you. Actually it is like how you use the television. Give you an incomparable sense of hearing enjoyment and user-friendly experience with full-function remote control.

  • Better-By-Design

    Different with other speaker, Henzin S33 design with an ergonomic handle, it's outstanding in first glimpse. Together with Ultra-Slim design, conveniently to let it blend in and stand out anywhere. What's more, implemented with leading FM, AM, speaker can tune in more stations due to military-grade high precision built-in antenna. Soothe yourself by listen to your favorite broadcast even without music.

  • Enjoy HiFi Sound Like Never Before 

    Henzin S33 delivers crisp sound with unbelievable pitch track and deep bass – thanks to antimagnetic unit and sound chamber designed

Do you attract by such a distintive bluetooth speaker? If you do, don't hestitate to get yours!