Rechargable Dimmable Mini Reading Light Touch Control with Flexible Gooseneck

  • Rechargable Bult-in Battery

  • Compact portable size for easy bring

  • Adjustable With flexible Gooseneck 

  • 4 Level Brightness

  • Cute Design for student

  • Soft light for eye protection

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Mini Rechargable Dimmable Touch Control Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck 4 Level Brightness

  • Power: 5W

  • Lumen: 200lm MAX

  • Battery capacity" 1200mah / 1800mah

  • Function: 4 levels of brightness Dimmable

  • Switch: Touch control

  • Material: ABS+ Silicon

  • Product size: 60*60*420mm

  • Packaging size: 410×275×355mm(60pcs)

  • Warranty: 2 Years

  • Ceritificates complies: CE RoHS FCC SA

  • Q: Can this also be used with non-Bluetooth devices?

    A: Of course. 3.5mm audio cable is for non-Bluetooth devices connection.

  • Q: Can I use The speaker as an external battery to charge my device?

    A: Yes, you are free to use it as a charger for you devices.

  • Q: Can you connect to two speakers without "pairing" them - i.e. have one in one room and another in a different room, but still have stereo on both?

    A:  Both speaker can be used independently for stereo sound, each speaker have 2 drivers, if you want them play same music you need pairing them before connect your phone. 

  • Q: Will it shut off after a period of no activity?

    A: Yes. It will power down if it is not being used, and it will power down if the battery is low. 

  • Q: Is it loud enough for the beach?

    A: Absolutely. This is very amazing sound!

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