What Are Your Nerdy New Year's Resolutions? 2018-01-02

The New Year is a time for reflection and resolution, a moment to think about what you did last year and what you might do differently next year. And here, we think about music, fandom, and all things nerdy. So, is there anything in your nerdy life you're going to change? 


I've been thinking about the way I consume music. Consuming music is one of my daily schedule, which complicates things, obviously. There are things I'm obligated to take in and it's hard to change that. But still, I think I want to try to diversify what I take in next year. Specifically, I want to listen more musics. I love immerse myself in the world of songs, and there's so much good music out there, but I have trouble keeping up with it. I fall behind stupid easy. 

It's easy to give up than to keep on. Indolence is human nature. So it's not easy for us to fight with it. But if we try and do our best, the result will totally beyond our wildest dream.


What about you, beloved Henzin lovers? Want to spend 2018 catching up on your favorite things? Finally gonna start your already plan? Let us know in the comments!