Anywhere-Ready Speaker For Maximum Satisfaction 2018-01-19

Do you lack of a go anywhere companion? Do you have any idea to have one? If you do, follow us, we are here to introduce one of our "fellow" to you - Henzin S12.

With Henzin S12, you can enjoy your music in full-bodied stereo realized through dual high-performance drivers and an unique enhanced bass. Such ultra-shock sound quality is able to satisfy you.


Worry about how to carry it? Just take it easy, S12 is built to be portable. It's compact enough to stay in your knapsack. Or you can just hold it on your hand if you like. 

It's possible for you to face the occasion that you don't have Bluetooth-enabled devices around you when you desire for music. Relax knowing Henzin S12 has powerful line-in capacity. Equipped with FM radio, TF and USB slot, and AUX port, allows you to connect with non-Bluetooth-enabled device to meet the different needs.

With unique color options,  you can pick a color that matches your style as add a splash of individuality to your listening experience. Don't restrain yourself, do what you want, buy what you like!

S12 博客