Brand Story


Henzin stands for unlimited passion for technology and making high performance products. Modest and diligent spirit is reflected in Henzin without reservation.

Here, high-tech innovation meets traditional craftsmanship to create the most precise, highest quality, and technologically advanced products in the world. Our team of engineers, experienced craftsmen and testers-as well as fabulous uncounted victories made Henzin a reliable and high class brand.

We focus on constant improvement of the our products and the creation of the perfect setup to revolutionize them . Progressive technologies, outstanding products and high quality "Made In China" are unique values of Henzin that no other brand can provide. These core values determine the way to an unparalleled evolution in our products, no matter which category.

As we get deeply engaged, we specialise in the individual fields and we are innovative. We know how to amaze with incredible solutions and an innovative approach. Henzin supports the pursuit of personal wishes.

Our objective is to be the leading and favorable brand in every consumer's mind.