A Must-Have for Every Car 2017-12-19


Do you particulatly anxious about the emergency situations when you are driving on the way to somewhere? Such as anchor on your way, battery is dead after long time unused, temperature is too low to start the car or the car run out of battery? It can be imagined how helplessness if your car broke down on the halfway! Henzin H29 is ready to help you out from those problems.


Let's get to know something about Henzin H29 Portable Car Jump Starter!

  • Portable and easily stored: Are you still facing the problems of too heavy to carry and hard to place jump starter? Then Henzin H29 about 0.55 grams jump starter eliminates the problems. It is light enough to carry and compact enough to store in your glovebox.

  • Use as a poweful charger: With 15000mAh capacity, it can both use as a car jump starter and a power bank. So that it is able to not only start your vehicle but also recharge cell phone, psp, mp4 and tablet. 

  • Smart protection(ultra-safe) with built-in LED flashlight: With short circuit and overcharge  protection, whenever you use it, jump starter is ready to protected against overloading of the output stage by suitable electronic switching. There are three modes of the LED: illumition, strobe and  SOS signal for additional safety, protection and convenience. So you don't need to worry when you are in your way in the dark or in other situations. 

  • Extremely compact - The Built-in new and improved lithium polymer battery withstands thousands of cycles of charge and discharge. When the batter is fully charged, you can start your vehicle (UP to 3L Gas) 45 times.

I believe that you now at least know Henzin H29 a little bit. If you also think that it is a must-have thing for yourself, don't hesitate to order one!