A Considerate Bedside Companion 2017-12-18

Music seems to play an more and more important role in people's lives. We not only listen to music during our work, activities and excerise, but also enjoy music in our leisure time, bedtime, and the way to everywhere. Obviously, music can bring us good mood.

Have you ever be taken to the bathroom at midnight? Do you ever worry about lack of light in the dark?  It could be trouble to turn off your speaker if you are falling asleep when listening to the music because it will affect sleep. Does that mean you are better not to stream your room with music during your bedtime? We can confidently say that - you don't need to do any of that. We are going to introduce one of our new "member" of Henzin to you all - Henzin S26.


Henzin S26

Different from other speakers, Henzin S26 has three-levels brightness adjustable warm light with the cool touch sensor design, you can easily touch the top of the speaker to change the intensity of the light. It is able to ease you in gently while let you immerse in the world of music. Just take a rest without dazzling light meanwhile let go of lack of light anxiety. 

What's more, you don't have to worry about the sound quality. Henzin S26 is built to fill your room with full sound and engineered to spread deep and jaw-dropping sound, just be relaxed to fell the music all around whether you are sleeping, reading or relaxing.


Last but not least, the decorative design is suitable for you to adorn your house. With such a terrific speaker can both enhances your quality of life and motivate your daily emotion. Isn't it nice to own one Henzin S26 for yourself? Or just give it as a present for your friends, family even your lover!