Have an Intimate Contact with Water 2017-12-11

Generally speaking, water and electricity don't mix.

However, relationships between H2O and technology are evolving as more of our favourite items (think smartphones, smartwatches, action cameras...) become increasingly water-capable. No stranger to innovation, Henzin has also dipped its toes into the pool with new water-friendly audio equipment.

Water-Resistant vs. Waterproof

The second major distinction is between water-resistant and waterproof. Although open to debate, water-resistant implies that an item can handle a degree of moisture (e.g. rain), but usually isn't designed specifically for use in aquatic environments.

Waterproof on the other hand tends to imply an item can be submerged in water and perform its job admirably, these products are usually designed for use in or around water. Most consumer tech items categorize into the former - your phone and camera can probably survive a soaking in a pocket, but don't go throwing them into a canal (especially if you've not had your vaccinations).

For the most part, industry distinction between water-resistant and waterproof occurs on the border of IPX6 and IPX7 & IPX8, when a product transitions from being able to sustain running water, to withstand full immersion.


Henzin S25 IPX8 Waterproof

Henzin has recently released a brand new Bluetooth speaker, enhanced IPX8 waterproof, it completely sealing from outside environment, protecting and extending lifespan, no more worry about rain or spills. You can bring S25 with you under the water if you like, just relax knowing it is able to protect against water damage.

What's more, Henzin S25 with a detachable suction cup base, a hook, and a bycicle mount bracket, it is ultra-portable.


Listening to our favourite devices underwater remains a long way off, not least because we hear sound differently in air and underwater. Instead, waterproof tech is seen by many as a form of guarantee for those expensive electrical items and is a welcome safety-net for many users.

What others product would you like to see given the water-resistant/waterproof treatment?