Cut the Cord with Wireless Charger 2017-12-05

Stunning technical advancements that once seemed a far-off dream are now emerging before our very eyes. One such thing on everyone's mind is: wireless charging.

By eliminating the use of physical connectors and cables, wireless charging provides a number of efficiency, cost and safety advantages over the traditional charging cable.

Henzin also ready to get our wireless charger out into market. First of all, Henzi Wireless Charger provides a continuous, and reliable transfer of power to ensure you phone is charged and ready to go at a moment's notice at home and in the workplace.


Besides, Henzin Wireless also senses the charging component inside your phone, keeping itself safety turned off until you're ready to place and charge. 

Last but not least, Henzin Wireless also built-in over-voltage, undervoltage, and short-circuit protection, Henzin Wireless Charger provides ultimate safety for your smartphone. With different charging modes, you can choose to have a nomarl charge, or a fast charge - saving you roughly half an hour. 


Despite being around for a number of years already, wireless charging still hasn't become a critically important technology in the gadget market. Perhaps some of the improvements and new product ideas that are in development will push wireless charging into the mainstream.

Would you like to give a chance to try out wireless charging? Any plans to pick up a Henzin Wireless Charger?