A Reliable Partner On The Way 2017-11-29

Many people have their own car now and more likely to have self-driving tour, business trip, instead of walking or just go for a drive. These situations show that car is really useful and becoming a part of our life.

But do you particulatly anxious about the emergency situations? Such as anchor on your way, battery is dead after long time unused, temperature is too low to start the car or the car run out of battery? It can be imagined how helplessness if your car broke down on the halfway! How can we let go of these anxieties? We'd like to tell you that, the product being introduced today will solve your problem - Henzin H21 Portable Car Jump Starter.


Henzin H21 is compact and small enough to store in your vehicle glove box. Having this portable jump starter with you at all times will ensure that you will never have to wait at the side of the road or ask for help because of a dead battery. Without the feeling of helplessness, you are free to have a great drive.

With 15000mAh capacity, Henzin H21 can both use as a car jump starter and a power bank. So that it is able to not only start your vehicle but also recharge cell phone, psp, mp4 and tablet. Never afriad of being cut off from connection. Features with short circuit and overcharge protection, whenever you use it, jump starter is ready to protect against overloading of the output stage by suitable electronic switching.


As an unbeatable roadside partner, Henzin H21 also implemented a super bright LED safety flashlight with emergency SOS functions, you are no doubt that accompany by a reliable teammate. 

Wanna have a relexed drive? Just come and get this credible pal with you!