Portable Music Warm You Up 2017-11-27

"Lead a healthy life" is a creed of most of people nowaday, they would like to do some exercise or sports on their leisure time or even in weekdays. Such as hiking, running and other adventures. 

Do you sometimes feel boring if you adventure or sports yourself? Have you ever want something to alleviate your loneliness? Here we are to introduce one of your brand new product that perfect for outdoor and indoor,  a ideal companion - Henzin S9 Portable Weather-Resistant Speaker.


Built with waterproof super-durable cloth, shockproof and dustproof components, Henzin S9 can drop, soak, bounce, or slide... What means that it is perfect for any adventure. While you are hiking or exercising in a wide-open area, you don't have to worry about whether you can hear the music flow out from the speaker. Henzin S9 implemented with 20W output from dual high-performance acoustic drivers to produce a wide audio spectrum, providing impressive volume. 

What's more, Henzin S9 do well in battery. 4400mAH Li-ion battery guarantees up to 10 hours playtimes. It will provide your adventures with a soundtrack that makes the moments last. So you are able to enjoy music all day and all night - all on one charge. Just let go of your low battery anxiety.


And last, but certainly not least, S9 features with TWS function, you are free to enjoy true stereo sound via Bluetooth by connecting two speakers, feel the music all aroung.

There's nothing better to pump you up on the field of life than great music. If you need a speaker as a teammate that can keep up with your active lifestyle. Do not miss terrific S9 speaker!