Brand New Type C Earphone 2017-11-21

Traditional 3.55mm port is now widely adopted by most devices. But recently we can find a new kind of port that we never seen before - Ttpe-C.

Some brands are now begain to adopt this new kind of port to some of their devices.


Henzin family recently have a few new members. A3 Type-C headphone is one of the new member. Are you wondering about it?

As a brand new and high quality earphone, A3 adopts 24bit/96KHz digital audio which replaces traditional 3.5mm port to restore HiFi sound by connecting digital signal, so you are able to enjoy clear and crisp music. Built-in custom digital chip offers upgraded music quality converts standard resolution audio to superior lossless audio, and delivers the best-in-class sound experience. 

You're always in motion, and need your music to keep up. Music should set you free, not tie you down. Providing more wear resistant from a housing designed for professional industry demands, which includes earphone wire made by ABS, aluminum alloy plug and ear shell, Henzin A3 is carefully and ergonomically designed for a premium comfort, ensures that they sit comfortably and firmly regardless of whether you're busy or just relaxing.


Have you gotten the chance to try out Type-C earphone for yourself? Any plans to pick up a Henzin A3 and have a new experience? Let us know in the comments!