Do You Have Tech Fear? 2017-11-13


The problem with approaching something in a state of fear is that your brain wants to do something – anything! – to defuse that fear, while at the same time not having access to good judgement. You jump off in some direction, your brain ticks the box that you did something, and later on it turns out that what you did doesn't actually make much sense and may even have messed things up.

Or maybe you just freeze, put that stuff away in a mental drawer and pretend it doesn't exist. But it still needs to get done, and it will be a weight in the back of your brain until it is.

Or perhaps you get stressed out and even angry, the people who made the website or program you're trying to use, yourself, or all of the above. Apart from being unhealthy, this makes it even harder for you to see a solution or to hear one from anyone else.


Fear gets in the way of your doing things that will benefit you, and makes the whole process harder. 

Overall, remember that Tech Fear is just a thing that your mind does, and what it tells you isn’t necessarily true. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you get caught up in it, it will make you unable to deal with computer stuff. It’s one more step in getting to know yourself and making the best of your resources.

Find software that works for you. Find learning paths that work for you, a step at a time. Find helpful people who will work with you. And don't feed the Tech Fear!